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Recent Customer Requests for Heating

I have a split level home. Downstairs gets warm, family room stays very cold for some reason and upstairs is very warm. I would like someone to see why my family room stays so cold.

Fred K

Sometimes furnace works, sometimes it does not work. Need my furnace repaired.


Would like to convert 1st floor heating from radiator to radiant floor. basement and crawl space accessible. approximately 1300-1400 square feet.

Jesus G

We are building an addition to our home. The current HVAC unit can support the entire house including new construction, we need ducting run. The hard part is that the unit currently pushes air into the floor, the existing ductwork is in the foundation, but the new duct would have to go through the roof. We don't want to replace the current unit if it can be avoided. Thanks.

Seth H

I have a Lochivar baseboard boiler with 5 zones at 8 years old. The baseboard pipes on the basement and first floor started to make huge humming (shaking) sound when boiler is running. The baseboard heaters on 2nd floor are ok.


Purchased a house a approx 22 months ago. Newish boiler but problem is their is a new addition to house and heating system was not added and a hybrid system set up on existing boiler. Looking to have a seperate boiler put in if suggested and problems with thermostats and radiators.

Barry F

Heat pump system install to replace defective radiant heat system on second floor. system to be installed in walk up attic ducted to rooms below. upgrade to a/c at later date

Jaime P

heating unit is working but one side of building feels a lot warming than other side. building is 1200 square feet. there is one room about 350 sqaure feet that is cooler than the rest of the building.

Andy J

Oil burner is 35 years old and we intend to replace it with a gas boiler. Could you please get us an estimate?

Lloyd P

Need new air handler installed in existing system. Need estimate asap. Thanks.

John C

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